What makes chillies hot?

Heat comes from an oil called Capsaicin (Cap-Say-Uh-Sin) which is present in all chillies to varying degrees. It is a common misconception that the seeds are the hot part of a chilli. Capsaicin is present in the small nodes or membranes that hold the seeds so when you scrape the seeds out you are actually scraping out these nodes where the capsaicin is located. Capsaicin triggers nerves such as those found in your tongue skin and these nerves send pain messages to the brain telling it you are eating something hot. We ferment many of our sauces which blends the heat to flavour.

Do chillies contain vitamins?

Chillies contain high amounts of vitamins a and c and are also rich in e, p, and k+. So our natural sauces might heat you up, but they’re good for you.

Why do we like to eat chilli?

There is a reason why we go on eating chilli even though it "burns" the tongue. When nerve cells release substance p, the body produces chemicals called endorphins - and these act on brain cells in the same way that the opium-derived drug morphine does. The brain floods the blood system with it’s natural pain killer, endorphins and as a result, you feel good or in some cases, slightly euphoric or “high”. Hornet Chilli will help you feel good, honest.

How do you measure the heat of a chilli?

Briefly, a scale of chilli hotness exists which is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU’s). It was developed back in 1912 by Wilbur Scoville using a human tasting panel, what a job!. The Scoville scale is still in use although the human panel has been replaced by a high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) machine, ah the modern world.

Briefly what privacy do you have?

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Can I return items?

Where the customer wishes to return items you must contact Hornet Chilli immediately. You may return any item within 7 days of receipt, but all returned merchandise must have its original condition and be fit for resale and have the necessary receipts enclosed. If the merchandise is not fit for resale, a charge will be deducted from the refund. In the unlikely event you receive faulty items, please contact us at chillimaster@hornetchilli.com for details of how to return the item.

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