Our Extra Virgin Chilli Oil is infused with dried Carolina Reapers, Scorpion Chilli, dried lemon. mustard seeds and red peppercorns. Look behind the skull you will see them all !!?!??!?!?


Have our Chilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a quick and easy pasta dish. Use this chilli oil to fry up some garlic and rosemary and use it coat a bowl of cooked pasta. Add meat, veg, tofu or whatever you fancy and give the dish a final drizzle of oil. 


Why not try giving vegetables a bit of fire. Chilli oil gives a great extra edge to healthy foods that wouldn't normally have that touch of spice. Baby artichokes are a good place to start, especially with a bit of grated pecorino on top before you add the oil. Simple chilled soup works too. Drizzle a bit of chilli oil on to a soup of cantaloupe melon, lime juice and sour cream.

Whatever you decide, our Demon Chilli Oil, will spice it up.

Hornet Demon Extra Virgin Chilli Olive Oil

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